Saturday, September 25, 2010

An overwhelming feeling of being unorganized

It's been a few weeks since my last blog post. I am partly to blame, but truly our lives have been ultra busy these past few weeks. Both boys scored rolls of Dalmatian puppies in the local theaters "101 Dalmatians". The rehearsal schedule has been crazy, so there are very few nights at home. On top of all that, we have had a stomach virus, cars breaking down, doctor's appointments and lots of school work to do!!! We finally have all the pieces of our dossier together, I have just got to get myself together and make it look nice and neat and then have it notarized. We are so close, but yet so far away..............there are many ups and downs in this roller-coaster ride of life. Like Curt said the other day when he picked us up on the side of the road from our broken down car, "there is no one I'd rather go through this life with". That is so true, God gave us each other for the ups and downs!!! We are going to catalyst in a couple weeks and are looking forward to having some grown-up time while learning more about God's call on our lives. Have a great Saturday everyone! Time to watch those "shamecocks" loose to those ultra confused tigers/war eagles of Auburn.....seriously, who has 2 mascots???:)