Thursday, September 15, 2011

We are PATIENTLY waiting.....yeah right!

Tomorrow marks 6 weeks since being in Russia. We are "patiently" waiting........and according to our coordinator we should hear something by the end of the month! We expect to be back with our daughter early-mid October. Every single day brings with it more anxiety and anxiousness. We find ourselves doing different things to preoccupy ourselves: Curt studies Russian when he misses her and I write her a letter every day to put in her adoption journey book. While we stay busy with the kids, church and various other activities, nothing can take away from the dark hole inside our hearts. We watch her videos most nights and we all cry...all of us. Most of our conversations begin with " when A gets home we are going to....." or "I cannot wait to show A this...."! In this time of uncertainty and sometimes anguish, it is amazing to see God bringing us closer together as a family, forcing us to lean on one another more than we ever have before.

What I love most about this last part of the adoption process (just the process mind you) is getting to know other adoptive families and having them become dear friends. They have been so helpful, showing us support, love and just hugging us through these tough times. God has truly lead us through this process and we will never ever be the same. The connections we have made run so much deeper than I would ever have imagined. We are connected by Christ, love for an orphaned child, country, region, city, orphanage and the longing in our hearts to not only give these kids a home but most importantly lead these precious children to Jesus Christ.

On a side note, I am looking forward to going shopping with Brandi and Brittany this weekend. Brandi's photography will be in Clix 646 in Greenwood in mid October. I am SUPER excited for her, she is so talented! We will be going to find her something snazzy to wear for that night.

I will write again on Saturday as it is our sweet A's 3rd birthday......we love you sweet girl!