Friday, May 27, 2011

I know who is ready for Sunday!

Joseph Brooks Hanna was born on May 29, 2003 just after midnight. Curt and I still claim his entrance into the world to be the most exciting, unusual and amazing nights of our lives. His appearance wasn't graceful or easy, more like quick and painful (we love him no matter what!!!). I guess his birth is sort of like life, unexpected and messy! (we will save that for another blog) Named for his uncles, Brooks or JB, whatever you call him, is a child unlike any other that's for sure. He is so inquisitive, asking questions about everything, discussing things on a level way above his age and so very smart! He adores bugs, baseball, reading, reading and more reading, playing in the dirt and of course video games. In these 8 years we have had with him we have experienced joy, pain, love, tears and a pride unlike any other. I am so proud of my son, there is a joy I have that words cannot explain. Daddy and I are praying HUGE prayers for you little boy, prayers that God will grab your heart and take you on an incredible adventure as you follow HIS path. You are our joy, happy 8th birthday sweet boy!

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