Tuesday, March 9, 2010

8 years and He still amazes me!

Anniversary number 8!!! Really, 8 years? The time has flown so quickly. Our oldest son reminded me today that he would be 7 in 2 months and my mouth fell open. He is right I guess, and that means that I am getting old! So, what can I say about Curt that would let you know how awesome and amazing he is? Words cannot even begin to describe what a blessing he has been to our family. He makes up for what I lack..............

I'm shy is certain situations, he, of course, isn't shy at all

I'm the energizer bunny when I get home, he reminds me to rest

I'm the early riser, he makes me sleep late

I'm so unsure of our future, he lets me know that God holds our future

I'm not that funny, lacking in personality, he is hilarious and loves a good joke

He amazes me, makes me laugh harder than anyone ever could, and is my very best friend. There is no one I'd rather grow old with. I pray that we are that old couple sitting on the porch one day, rocking in our chairs, holding hands, while our great grands play in the yard. I love him and I know that he feels the same way. In a world where marriages end in an instant, I know that we are committed to each other. Happy 8th Curtis!!!

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