Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Random pics and accepted!

We were accepted to the Russia program this past week, so we will continue with that for the next......well, I don't know how long! Our next step is a home study, which we have already begun! More on that later, just excited to see it unfold. I am excited to say that I have started making little girls dresses and if I get good enough I plan on selling them and using the profits to bring home our little girl from overseas. Curt told me the other day that we need to stop doing this so slowly!! I was a little shocked because he is the one who is normally so laid back. He said it is time to get her, his cinderella number 2!!!! People ask us if we are sure, can we handle it? There isn't anything to say but she is our child. Our life is busy and complicated yes, but God has never promised us a laid back and easy life. This is just simply the next step fro our family. God has called and we are going to answer! We are always going to serve God and when He says take care of my orphans, well, we have heard that request and are trying to follow through! I want my own children to learn to love unconditionally, not seeing races or color! It is time!!!

Clay night at LCP

First Grade awards night

CG at Luke's Graduation

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