Sunday, August 1, 2010

A quick trip to North Carolina

On Thursday evening we loaded up the car to drive to visit some great friends of ours who live outside of Greensboro NC. The trip is about 4 hours one way so we decided to break the trip into and stay a couple nights in Charlotte. Let me just say this, if I could live in a big city anywhere in the US, Charlotte would be my pick. It is such a kid friendly, artsy town. Everyone was so nice to you and the atmosphere was awesome....just ask my hubby;)..sorry Curt!!! We took the kids to Discovery Place which is a children's museum, but it is unlike any I have been to before. The entire place was math and science based, so Brooks, my science fanatic was so excited. There was a really cool rope bridge in a rainforest, sea animal petting area, fossils to look at and a huge room full of nothing but blocks where you could build your own buildings and create these awesome drawings to display on a wall. Oh, also there were tons of microscopes where you could look at bacteria and germs....not my thing but the boys loved the gross stuff. On Saturday morning we headed to Greensboro to visit Mike and Angie West. Mike was having a surprise 30th birthday party and so we just had to go and see him! We were able to relax with friends and met some really nice people from North Point Church who will be awesome contacts in the future. Not to mention.....they love Justin Timberlake SNL skits just as much as I do. My stomach hurts from laughing so hard. We made it home in one piece and back to reality we go!!!

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