Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I Choose You Necklaces

So I have some pretty amazing friends who would do anything for me!! One of them, Amy, helped me design these great necklaces that we are selling to raise money for our Russian adoption. I told her what I wanted, she helped me pick it out and then she oh so sweetly put them all together. They are so cute, the pictures do not do them justice I promise. Each of these is made using a wax pressed idea. The double heart symbol in the center is so sweet and since these are done one at a time, no two are alike!! You can get them in plain silver, or they can have a stain of color added to them. The outer circle has five beads representing the 5 members of our family as we wait to add one more!!! The lady that makes the pendants is awesome and does great job. The price is $25 and over half of that will go to helping pay for our trip to go get our Russian Princess!!!! Let me know if you want to order one. You can email me, facebook message me or check out my etsy store! Thanks in advance for all your support. Oh yeah, the tees are being printed!!!:)

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