Monday, October 18, 2010

And the play is OVER

The boys have been puppies in the GCT production of 101 Dalmatians. Now while I do love the theatre and attending shows, I am pretty much exhausted from these past 4 weeks of rehearsals and performances. Our boys were absolutely precious and could throw down some dance moves! RLS played a mean Roger and I had no idea that he could dance like that! Needless to say, after leaving yesterday's performance I took a huge breath in and let it out. Oh, and wrestling starts back this rest for the weary I guess. I am glad to be busy, taking my children to events they enjoy! Life is not about sitting around but getting out and experiencing life together and building relationships!!!

On another note, the dossier is COMPLETE!!! WHOOHOO, the paper pregnancy is over! We sent it off today to the secretary of state and then from there it goes to be translated!!!! Now to rest and anxiously await THE call!

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