Sunday, October 10, 2010

Catalyst 2010

We just got back from Catalyst 2010 and can I just say that these past few days have been a roller coaster ride of emotion. Curt left this past Sunday for the national YMCA conference in Albany NY, and so on Wednesday we drove to the airport in ATL at 10:30 p.m. to pick him up and then got a hotel to rest before the Catalyst conference. Curt has been raving about this conference since he went last year, so I was expecting a LOT!!! I had a great time and a few of the speakers really rocked my world. Andy Stanley's whole take on the Jacob and Esau story ripped me apart. Esau gave up everything for a stinking pot of stew. What are you giving up for "stew"? The stew could be more money, another man/woman, fame??? It was genius! There were times where I was truly convicted and wanted to fall on my face before God, then there were moments of anger as I learned more about human sex trafficking!!! The frustration came when I realized how tough a road we have traveled and learned that it may not get any easier for a while!!! There are so many ups and downs in church planting and no one can tell you the right way to do it! Each individual has a different story, went about it a different way and they all receive different results! My prayer is that we follow God's plan, not our own. The highlight of the conference was Craig Groeshel.

Video of the conference was "Bowlin'" featuring none other than Chris Tomlin or C. is too funny! Check it out in the post below! Adoption news, our dossier is being notarized by a friend, and we will mail it off as soon as everything is finished!!!

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