Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas is Going to be different this year

We've all been so busy getting ready for the upcoming holidays and gatherings. From cleaning, washing clothes to wrapping presents, we have been swamped. Our goal this year was to stick to a budget, which we have done well with. We sat the kids down and explained that the only way to bring little sister home, was to save money this Christmas. The kids each sat down and wrote a letter to Santa, keeping in mind that there is another member of our family across the ocean who probably won't get anything for Christmas this year. Our oldest, JB, totally gets the entire selfless thing and began to write things he wanted for his new sister. I told him there would be plenty of time for that next year, but I love his train of thought. Now, while we do our best as parents each day to instill these principles in our children, this aching heart, this longing for someone who isn't here with us only comes from God. While we all sit around our tree on Christmas morning, opening the gifts that were bought with love, we know that somewhere is a snow covered building there is a young girl who perhaps might be crying, hungry, cold, in need of a family to love and care for her. How can you help you may ask? Well, check out the rest of the blog. Purchase a tee, hoodie or some coffee. Come run the 5k "Race for Orphans" in Abbeville this spring. PRAY and spread the word, making others aware of our journey.

Yes, this Christmas is going to be different than any before. I've been pregnant during Christmas many times, but that child was with me. This year, we are "expecting" but have no idea what our child is going through. So this year, before the presents are opened, we are going to pause and pray for our youngest daughter, who will hopefully be with us next Christmas! Merry Christmas little one. Your mommy, daddy, brothers and sister all love you and cannot wait to see what you look like, know your name and hold you!

Merry Christmas everyone!! God Bless!

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