Monday, January 24, 2011

What we've been up to

Not much going on around here lately. Luke and CG had the flu the week of the big snow so we were pretty much homebound from Wednesday to the following Monday. Curt and I were able to go to the ARMS/CP Net conference in Bluffton with some friends of ours, Carl and Peggy Martin. We spent a summer with them a few years ago as they planted Crosspoint Bluffton which is now doing so great! We are thankful that they have taken our hands as we have walked this lonely road of church planting.
Thanks to the oh so wonderful Brandi and Addam, we were able to leave the kids for a trial run for our Russia trip:)! We are so blessed to have these friends in our lives! No news from Russian yet, in the words of the band CALEB....."We will Wait"! We have already received quite a few registration forms in the mail and it is still pretty early! We are so blessed to have people joining with us as we support a call that is so dear to our hearts!!! Thanks and have a blessed week everyone!

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