Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Words of Wisdom....you can never hear this enough!

I do not always quote people on my blog, but I came across the following advice on Holly Furtick's blog. I have heard this before, but at this point in my life where I am juggling kids, my marriage, my job....well you get the picture. As a pastor's wife I see so much of the dark side of ministry and although we are early in our ministry journey we have already learned so much! One day we will write a book.......it is in our 20 year plan:) Here are some words of wisdom from Mrs. Furtick......

Here's the thing, and this is not just pertaining to ministry. In life, you can either become a slave to everyone's opinions of what you should do and say, or you can decide what your gifts and priorities are and order your life around that. BUT either way, someone is not going to be happy because you can never make everyone happy with you, no matter how hard you try. And it always hurts when people are not happy with you.

My goal should not be to make everyone happy. My goal should be to serve and honor the people God has directly placed in my life, to put them first and let everything else fall into place. For me that is my husband, then my kids, then my family, close friends and our church. And when, not if, someone gets upset because I did not meet their expectation, I will be sad, I will be hurt, but I will not be surprised.

So in clarification of this statement that I made last week, "As best as I can, I need to tell others who I am, not the other way around," telling others who I am doesn't always mean that everyone will be happy with me, but hopefully my kids will not grow up saying I put everyone before them. And hopefully, my marriage will be stronger in 20 years than it is today because I chose to make it a priority.

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