Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 2 after referral

Today was a lot like yesterday, I got up early because I couldn't sleep. I had so much on my mind that I kept waking up throughout the night thinking about which papers still needed to be filled out, the kids schedule while we are gone and the list goes on! I was able to spend most of the morning with my amazingly talented seamstress mother who is making Baby A the most beautiful blanket. She embroidered Russian stacking dolls on quilt blocks....adorable! She has made all 3 of my children a baby blanket, so of course our Russian baby had to have one as well. We were able to go ahead with the court documents, which means trip 2 will be sooner than expected and Baby A will be home, where she belongs! I will have the remaining documents mailed off tomorrow to be apostilized in the morning and then I might get to breathe.......Nope, not yet! Please, if you haven't already heard, my sister is hosting a facebook auction tomorrow night thru Friday evening. Her items are adorable, things from purses to clipboards! So go to facebook and search for Joy to the Heart Gifts and check it out!
Baby A's Sweet blanket from her nanny!

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