Saturday, February 19, 2011

To the Moon & Back

For as long as I can remember my mother has always followed the phrase "I love you" with "to the moon and back". The more grandchildren she has it seems they say it more and more. Both boys have said it numerous times, but as they have gotten older they seem to be out of the habit of adding that phrase, which at times is sad. Campbell on the other hand, cannot say it enough. Our conversations today went something like this.....

(While throwing the ball with the boys, CG is prancing around the yard in her old tap shoes)
"I love you mommy"
"I love you Campbell"
"To da moon and back mommy"
"To the moon and back Campbell"

(While swinging at the park this afternoon)
"You know I love you mommy"
"And I love you Campbell"
"To da moon and back"
"That's right, the moon and back"

She just can't seem to say it enough and that is fine with me.

In November I found a rustic, wooden sign with "To the Moon and Back" painted on it and I bought it for my mom to hang in her dining room. It suits her well!!! My mom is a wonderful, godly lady who loves her children and grandchildren. I am thankful for her, and so are my kids! We love you nanny, to the moon and back!

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