Saturday, February 5, 2011

Waiting Mail and Some Great News

Busy week, even busier weekend and wouldn't you know I had to catch the stomach virus from some of my lovely, hand sanitized sweethearts at school. So, I was out of work two days this past week, which I hated. I always feel guilty when I miss work, I mean with budget cuts and everything, attendance is a must, no time to be hugging that porcelain throne you know? I finally went back to work again on Friday and received a great email from our adoption coordinator at AWAA! Basically it told us about some things we need to be doing while waiting for our referral and also that we should have our little girl in about 9-10 months??? Wait, seriously, this is actually happening? So, we are on cloud 9 and still a little nervous! We are now moving into full fundraising mode at the end of February......why? Well, I finish my masters and have had little time for anything else, but come March 1st I will be FREE!!!!

Among other things, our new series at church begins tomorrow called "I killed Jesus"......we have had some very interesting conversations with people just about the title itself. This series is sure to be eye opening and heart breaking. BIG things are happening at Oasis, and we have no one to praise but God for that!!!

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