Saturday, March 26, 2011

College Students gone WILD!!!!

Interesting day in the Hanna household! We began the day at the ball field where all the games were rained out:( it was so cold!

Among other things, God has really been working this week on the hearts of some our college students. We spent the evening with them last night and have spent all day today talking with and getting to know each of them a little better. Literally, these guys have only been coming to church 1 or 2 weeks and we feel we have known them forever. As of right now, these amazing students are sitting on our couch, facebooking and texting, inviting TONS of people to church! The response has been huge, we are actually making a list and it is still growing!!! God is getting ready to blow this thang out of the water!!! All of the trials and struggles we have been thru have led us to this moment, this place in time where we know God has called us to be. We are ready, fully prepared and know that God is leading us to be a part of something amazing! It may have taken us 3 years to get here, but those 3 years were not a waste, but rather a time of learning. God has been with us every step of the way and knew when and where we were going to be rejected. Well, here we are, rejected and unwanted by man, but from God's perspective, we are loved and longed for! Get ready to have your mind blown!!!! I am so pumped!

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