Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Magic Number Sunday

For the first time ever (since launch) we had over 50 people in service!!!! This morning was AMAZING! There has been intense excitement since the beginning of February, I cannot even describe it. It was like a weight had been lifted and God was saying, all your hard work and persistence is about to pay off! I cannot almost hear Him telling us to hold on because it is going to be a wild ride........well, I believe it! Every Sunday since February, we have had first timers! Big deal right?....NO, we have had 4, 5 and 6 first timers which is huge for us since 30 is a good number for us on Sunday! Well, this week was a major turning point in the life of Oasis:
1. We began our series called Why the Y and the CEO of the Greenwood YMCA was there in attendance and played a huge role in the service
2. We had 9 first time guests!
3. We have gone to 2 set up teams and have so much extra help there are still people who need jobs to do
4. We have 2....NOT 1, BUT 2 praise teams, so we are able to alternate, which gives everyone some down time to just worship!
5. We have raised over $2,000 for the well!

God has blessed us with some amazing, "on fire for God" college students who are all over Landers campus! Let's just say that God is about to blow LU's mind. There are student leaders there prepared to do whatever it takes to make Christ's name known on that campus! We serve an amazing God who doesn't take anything lightly. He also loves a challenge and I think he adores seeing the youth of today getting excited about sharing the LOVE of God with their friends! All I can say is next Sunday, that "HALLELUYER" greeting line will be even larger! Here are a few pics from this morning of some of our "staff" showing the "C" in YMCA, because we are the movement of the "C" in YMCA! LOVE it!
We love how even Carlton is involved in the "C".......we love you Carlton!

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