Tuesday, July 12, 2011

17 days away...

Ok, yesterday almost cost me to lose my mind! I found out that our packet of VERY important documents never made it from the Sect. of State to AWAA, which meant that the U.S. Postal Service had lost them somewhere in the mail. BUT, after many tears, blessing a few people out and begging for our homestudy agent to redo the documents, I am calm. I will be taking the documents to Columbia first thing tomorrow to HAND DELIVER them to the Sect. of State. Let's see.....what else has been going on?

1. Bought travel book
2. Had cute Russian thank you cards made
3. Got in touch with CPA, will have Curt's letter of employment tomorrow
4. Making physical appointments
5. Finding out that the FMLA within the school district is STUPID!!!
6. Organizing my dossier binder for the plane
7. Packing bookbags as carry one
8. Applying for 2 more grants
9. Emailing missionaries in Russia to see if we can crash with them
10. Bathing some sweet babies, Nate is spending the night!!!!

It has been crazy and I am ready for a break, BUT that will have to wait until......after Christmas I guess!!! Have a blessed night!

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