Sunday, July 31, 2011

We made it!

We arrived in Krasnoyarsk at 7:00 am on Sunday, which is 7:00 pm on Saturday evening back in South Carolina. We had a CRAZY trip over, which I do not care to repeat!!!! We began the journey with a delay out of Charlotte which made us land late in NYC. We had some friends meet us there to take us to lunch. We had to rush, so we weren't able to see very many sights other than some parts of Queens. It was just really nice to see Dan and Daneal and talk about church and God and life as church planters. On the way back to JFK, their poor car broke down, so we had to catch a cab and leave them on the side of the road. They did make it home eventually! We got checked in at JFK, I had a SPLITTING headache, so I was miserable. We boarded the plane and then the bottom fell out. We sat on the plane for 2 hours waiting for the storm to pass over. The flight over was alright, very smooth. We were very thankful when we landed in Moscow. We were 2 hours late, but the man that met us there was very nice and helped to get us checked in for our final flight. We had a long layover so we explored the Moscow airport as much as we could. We grabbed some lunch at "The Hippopotamus". Watched MTV Russian style......that was interesting by the way. Who knew that the Jane Fonda workout attire was so popular???

The Kras flight was the best yet. We were seated in threes, so a young guy named Nikita sat beside us. He swore that we understood Russian and so we did our best to speak with him. A young girl behind us named Anna translated for us. We learned that Nikita had been on a cruise ship playing volleyball with his team. One of his team members sat behind us and we called him "big hands". Nikita had just gotten married to a "very beautiful" girl.....he could actually say that in english. We laughed the whole time, he was very funny and he sure did love his vodka!

Curt and I laid down for a nap at 8:30 and Curt is still asleep at 6:16 pm!!!! I hope he sleeps tonight. Tomorrow, our journey continues as we meet with the MOE (ministry of education) and then visit the orphanage. We cannot post pictures online of her "face" online anywhere! Now, I am going to try to get Curt up so we can go make some pictures and get some COFFEE!!!!!

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