Monday, July 25, 2011

3 days.....

3, THREE, TRES.....however you say it, that is how many days we have left before we FLY to Russia!!! I am experiencing mixed emotions. For starters, I am afraid to fly!!! I have flown over the ocean before, no biggie, but I was 17 not 30!!!! I am also stressing about leaving my children for so long. I know they will be in great hands and those great hands will have even greater back up hands, but still I am anxious for them!!! I am nervous about meeting our daughter! Will she like us? Will she smile? Will she let me hug and kiss her?

Curt and I had the opportunity to meet with THIS couple for dinner last night. We had a BLAST, they were so much fun! They will be arriving in Russia the day after we leave the country for their 2nd trip. They had so much helpful information for us. They showed us pictures of the important people we will be meeting and informed us of customs within the country. I feel more relaxed after talking with them. I am hoping deep down that our girls are in the same orphanage and maybe know each other. That would be quite an amazing story to tell!

We are still raising money. The 2nd trip is looming in the future and the $$$ are HUGE! Here is a list of costs coming our way. We have pretty much exhausted all of our resources. I am trying to sell a cello outfit!!!!!

1. Plane tickets $3,000
2. Hotel fees $3,000
3. Medicals in Russia $1,600
4. Foreign Fees $7,000

Any amount you can donate will help!!!!

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