Thursday, July 14, 2011

On today's agenda.....

We are now 2 weeks from our flight......craziness! I have luggage in the living room floor, gallon size ziplocks to put our food and bath stuff in. While in Russia, we are going to try to live off of the bare minimum. We are only taking 3 pairs of pants each, and I can only bring 2 pairs of shoes;). For breakfast we will be eating pop tarts, for lunch either Ramen Noodles or Mac and Cheese, dinner, we aren't quite sure about at this point. I am surrounded by paper work at this point, it is literally in front of me, at my sides and under my feet. My plan today was to finish the packing of our clothes at least, BUT, my kids very much need a break! I'm thinking the YMCA waterworks may be in our near future, at least for part of the day!!!

If you live in the Abbeville/Greenwood area, please come out to our Bluegrass Extravaganza this Saturday at the Livery Stable in Abbeville. Food and music begins at 5:30! It is going to be awesome! We will also have krispy kreme sales Saturday morning!!!!

Ok, I'm off now!

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