Friday, July 22, 2011

Chickfila Fundraiser

So many things to be thankful for today! Thankful for the AIR CONDITIONER.....I cannot imagine working out in the heat like my husband does all day! I am thankful for my wonderful mother who helps me out so much with my kids. If it weren't for her, I would never get all of this adoption stuff completed! I am also thankful for awesome friends who show up without being asked to help us set up for our event! I am thankful for friends across the state who are donating toward our adoption, got $200 in the mail today!!!!

Our Chickfila fundraiser was a success! We had a great turn out for all 3 hours! We won't know until next week what we actually raised, but whatever the outcome, I know God is all over it! Another praise for today.......LRBC, the church I grew up in, had bible school this week. All the money brought for offering was donated to our adoption and also my cousins adoption. We were given over $200 tonight!!!!! God is just continually blessing our efforts. Why do we worry, He is in complete control!

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