Thursday, July 7, 2011

Now more than ever!!!

We are in a whirlwind......literally! We have been booking flights, booking rooms and applying for visas over the last few days! I hope I can put into words what God has laid on my heart lately! You see, we stepped out on faith for this journey, we really had no choice but to say yes to God whenever He asked us to adopt. I mean I guess we could've said no but then just think about the blessings we would've missed out on. I have heard all my life that following God can be difficult and test your faith....I only think we have seen difficult times! God is getting ready to do something amazing in our lives, I just know it! We have pretty much exhausted all of our resources for funds and we are only on trip one!!! We still need a ton of money so that we can go on trip two and bring our daughter home! People are going above and beyond to donate to us. People are buying BBQ tickets, handing in jars of change, praying, writing about us in the newspaper, telling their friends who are telling their friends and donating! Could you spare $10, $15 or even $50 bucks? We want our daughter home, safe, in her bed, with her brothers and sisters! We love her very much and cannot even imagine our lives without her! PLEASE, donate what you can!!!

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