Sunday, August 28, 2011

Again, we are waiting

"Wait", the song from the band Caleb is blaring in my head and has been since we landed back in the states. Curt and I gave ourselves a 2 week window to get the MASSIVE amount of paperwork together for dossier #2. We only went 3 days over.....I am pretty proud of us for that. Our coordinator said she was impressed as well, I guess what we had to do seemed pretty impossible! Our documents are on the way to Russia, should be arriving either tomorrow or Tuesday. When it arrives it has to be translated and is then presented to the judge AND then we receive our court date! I am actually already packing....silly I know, but I figure I am just going to prepare to fly. Who knows, God could want us there next month, and we will be ready! We have purchased A's backpack and luggage and it will be delivered this week. Her clothes are folded and laying in the chair, so I am itching to have a child to dress in all these beautiful outfits!!!

We are also preparing the children for the big events that are getting ready to occur. We know that A's transition probably won't be too graceful....I am prepared for tears, a LOT of tears. I have been talking with the boys especially about how they can help when A comes home and what they can do to make her feel more at HOME. CG and I have had numerous discussions about how mama's lap has plenty of room for one more girl. CG agrees and says, "I not jealous". We will see I guess!! We have been blessed with children who are their own person, and haven't been jealous of each.....we are praying that this continues. We are still looking to raise a little more $$ to help pay for our hotel stay in is very expensive there, $200 a night. If you would like to help pay for a night, click the donate button on the side of the blog. Continue to pray for our sanity as we wait these next few weeks!!!! We love you all!

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