Monday, August 8, 2011

I LOVE this couple!

We have actually only talked face to face one time, BUT I adore this couple! They totally get adoption and funny thing is we are both using the exact same homestudy agency, adoption agency, staying in the same apartment, adopting from the same region....and we only live 50 minutes apart!!! They are one step ahead of us, so their input has been very helpful. We met with them one week before our first trip so they told us all the good places to eat, where to get our money exchanged and many other things. They are in Russia right now and will be having their court hearing within the next few hours! They are adopting little girl and I have heard that she is adorable!!! So, please take a moment to pray for them, that the courts would rule in their favor!!! Also, visit THIS site to read their most recent blog post about their little girl and the CHICKEN POX. I laughed and cried for them, the pictures are too cute! Tara and Jonathan, we are all praying for you!!

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