Monday, August 1, 2011

Our First Visit

Baby House #5 is where we went for our visit with baby A! We both immediately recognized the outside of the orphanage from THIS video!!!! We had watched this series of videos prior to leaving and never imagined it would be the same house!

After about 2 hours of meetings with the MOE and the orphanage director we were taken into the meeting room. I was expecting them to bring A into us but she was already sitting down waiting on us! She was all dressed up in her very best dress of black velvet and red taffeta. Her dark hair was pulled up and tied with a HUGE covered her little head, it was so sweet. She came over to us to say hello and she twirled so we could see her beautiful dress. She brought tears to our eyes, it was precious!

We learned earlier in the day that our sweet girl has only been an orphan for about 9 months but during that time she had been passed between homes. She has been through a lot during her short life and she is such a brave girl. We were warned that she was very shy and she didn't bond well with anyone. I sat on the couch while Curt was talking and began to pray for God to prepare her heart for us, that she would not be afraid. We were prepared for tears, prepared for the worst, but that never came! She grinned, babbled, held our hands, sat in our laps and I even got a hug when we said good-bye.

I am anxious to watch her transform from this fragile, shy child to a confident girl who runs, plays, laughs and twirls like a princess. It will happen and I am just so thankful that I get to be part of it all.

We see her again this afternoon, I am already anxious for her!

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