Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Evening Bible Study

I think my most favorite time of the day is our family bible reading and prayer time. For one, we get to discuss Christ with our children and two.........well, their prayers are simply amazing.

CG: Her favorite prayers end with "in my heart, the whole world, and everything" She also makes a wish list in her prayers (we are working on this one)

Luke: He is so thoughtful, always praying for every single member of the family, sometimes 3 and 4 times. His heart is so genuine..

Brooks: He thanks God for things like books, being able to learn, our home, the trees that make oxygen. He is truly thankful.

It is so neat to see how their prayers progress from year to year. They are each representing the person they will be in the future I am sure. How cool is it that God gives us these tiny little people and says "Here, watch them for a while for me!". I am afraid at times a truly do fall down on my job but I too am learning in this process. I love all 3......make that 4 children that I have been blessed with.

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