Thursday, August 11, 2011

My summer is OVER!

Insert SAD face here!!!!! My summer is officially over! I guess I should be sad, but this summer has not been a restful one for any of us! Let's see, summer began alright, a trip to St. George Island with the Powell crew.....that was nice. Immediately following that was my birthday, the death of our favorite doggie in the whole wide world and then 2 days later we received our referral! After that, there was a whirlwind of paper work, fundraisers, packing, organizing....ect! So, while I am not looking forward to getting up at 5:30 am, I am excited that I have had an extremely memorable that has changed us all for the better!!! I look on to the fall anxiously awaiting the call for our court date, knowing we will spend 3 weeks in Russia and then I will be on "maternity" leave after that. It is only going to get crazier from here and I am going to love and savor every minute of it. God certainly didn't make Curt and myself and think, "these two will lead a calm, quite life in the country of Abbeville county". Nope, that's not us at all. God formed us and knew that we would make many mistakes, but one thing is for certain, we would follow Him wholeheartedly when He commanded us to. The path we take seems scary, uncertain and unpredictable at times, but God is faithful to carry us every step of the way. Isn't He amazing? Praise Him!

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