Monday, October 10, 2011

Almost there

Our documents are officially in a plane on the way to Krasnoyarsk from Moscow. Our coordinator was very surprised that they arrived and processed so quickly, but when God is in control, crazy things can happen. Here at home we are in the planning phase of getting ready for A to come home. I am getting lesson plans finished, my mom is busy making clothes for me to pack (did I mention that her suitcase is already FULL???). This afternoon I am going through possible court questions and answering each of them in detail. We have to study these, and I am oh so nervous about being put on the spot. I am not good with words unless they have been laid in front of me ahead of time to study. All of our physicals and bloodwork has been completed, and our entire life in paper form is in the hands of someone in Russia.

Our court date is looking like Nov. 15, which puts us leaving around Nov. 9 and returning home Dec. 4. That is a long time to be away from our sweet blondes BUT, we have committed to this and when we commit, we don't back out! A needs us to be there for her, spending time with her, and I know our 3 here at home will be in GREAT hands! We are so thankful for family who is willing to go the extra mile for us during this time. Also, can I just say that we have a wonderful adoption family in this cyberworld.....a couple of folks adopted their little girl last week and she ended up being in the same orphanage as our A. They sent us pictures of our sweet gal.......she has grown and thankfully, her hair has grown out too! Let's see, my to do list is growing by the minute:

Christmas shopping before we leave (for 4 kids)
Put up Christmas tree and decorations....yes I am one of those early decorators!
Complete lesson plans through February
Pack, pray, pack and pray some more!

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