Sunday, October 2, 2011

Could this FINALLY be the week?

We have been away from sweet "A" for 9 weeks us that seems like an eternity! We have been waiting on a court date for close to 6 weeks, I will not comment on how that makes me feel! (deep breaths) We have been emailing and phoning our coordinator daily....yes DAILY, for updates. So, after all this waiting, and waiting and waiting some more, THIS Wednesday could be our day. We should FINALLY know our court date, and be able to plan to bring our sweet daughter home. The kids are so anxious to have her here. They have been counting down the days until October and now that it is finally here, Russia is all they talk about!!! We are trying to stay busy and with 3 active kids, that is very easy to do. We have requested to be home from Russia by Thanksgiving....we cannot emphasize that enough! Thanksgiving is just a very important family holiday for us. From the family gatherings to the shopping and putting up our Christmas decorations, we just LOVE Thanksgiving and want to be able to spend this time together giving thanks for our new blessing from God!!! I have several prayer requests for all of you in the blogging world:

The Via's who are in Uganda right now adopting their precious daughter!

A dear friend ,who we have come to love while on this adoption journey, whose cancer may have come back

My husband as he continues to lead our family and church

On a much more juvenile note.....CLEMSON rocks and well......CHICKEN curse!!!!

Night Ya'll!

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