Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sometimes I wanna SCREAM!!!

After the most stressful 24 hours of my life...I think anyway, I am finally at home, drinking my coffee, helping my oldest with homework and fussing at the laughter in the other room (not because they are laughing but because they are supposed to be asleep). I went in to school this morning for duty and left at 8 am to head out to FIX the mess that our agency created over the weekend. I went to the notary, AGAIN, I went to the doctor's office and then to another notary. I was feeling really good about myself and the trip and then IT happened! Yet again, our agency....tsk, tsk, tsk! Our homestudy lady J was very much on top of things and had all of our documents ready. I headed to Greenville to meet her. What I didn't know is that our adoption coordinator hadn't really looked over the documents very well and there was an issue with the papers. So, J calls me in a panic and apologizes that she won't be able to get the documents to me in time to go to Columbia because she had court with another family. My mother, the kids and I drove to Greenville and then headed to Columbia. If I was only missing 2 documents, I sure as heck was going to get as much accomplished as possible. I went to vital records and got the birth certificates for the kids, then went to the Sect. of State and had everything apostilled. At around 4:30pm, the DHL van had to be tracked down so my documents could make it out this evening. Thank goodness for my mom and aunt because they are going to get the other documents and mail them off tomorrow!!! Now, I am taking deep breaths and praying that this is the LAST holdup we will have in this process. November 15 is looking like our court date which would put us leaving around Nov 8th! Not soon, BUT at least its a reasonable date!

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