Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Still holding our breath

Last night was another sleepless night! With the kids tossing and turning and my mind going over and over the days events, I was a wreck! I am doing better, I feel terrible, but I am doing better mood wise. We did receive an update today from our coordinator (I demanded daily updates, so I am pretty proud of that) an encouraging one! The 15th of November is still available, no other agency got it today and our documents are being presented next week! I am trying to remain positive but not get my hopes up since we have been let down FOUR times before. All of our documents are in the mail and will arrive on Friday and some on Monday.

I am looking forward to a restful evening at home tonight with a cup of coffee and SURVIVOR!!! Curt will be home late Friday evening from NY, so I am pretty much exhausted right now after dealing with all the adoption paperwork yesterday, BUT, things are looking up!!! I was reminded today by a fellow teacher that since we won't arrive home from Russia until after the 1st of December, that I better get some Santa Claus out of the way....hum, didn't even think about that! I guess I will also be browsing children's toys and clothes tonight as well! Happy Wednesday everyone!

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