Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Today it finally happened! We got our court date around 12:05 pm. We couldn't be more excited about adding another Hanna to our group of 5. As soon as I received the email I began texting and calling to let our family and friends know. We still have 4 weeks to prepare for our trip BUT with 3 kids, those weeks will fly by, especially with Christmas shopping and decorating. We have made our trips to the doctor's offices this afternoon, gotten all of our info gathered for our visas, written our FINAL check to AWA, and are now looking a flights. We still have a few more documents to gather, but all of our embassy documents are ready, which is good. Our itinerary looks like this:

11/16 Leave for Moscow
11/17 Arrive in Moscow
11/18 Moscow medicals
11/18 overnight flight to Krasnoyarsk
11/19 Arrive in Krasnoyarsk
11/21 visit orphanage...YAY!!!

10 day waiting period

12/7 Fly back to Moscow as a family
12/8 Child medical exam and embassy
12/9 Receive child's visa
12/12-13 Apply to Russian Consulate
12/14 Return HOME!

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