Sunday, November 13, 2011

2 days to go

We have been blessed with some of the most amazing family and friends in the entire world. I mean, how awesome is it that our entire church gathered around us this morning and laid hands on us and lifted us up in prayer during our worship service!?! I was completely blown away, I love my church family! Then there is our family who has always shown us support! I went up to my parents house tonight to get a few things and discuss our kids care while we are gone. I have been overly worried about each of them and I cannot stand the thought of being away from them for so long. My mom, my brother and my sis in law calmed my fears and just told me that I was worrying too much.....of course I am, that's my nature! Anyway, they assured me that the kids would be ok and we should focus on A. I love my family so much, they are so selfless and giving. They love A so much already and they haven't even met her yet....she is going to be one blessed little girl!!!

Tomorrow consists of hanging out with the kids, going to Columbia to the Sect. of State one last time, changing out cash, buying groceries for here and Russia! It's go time!

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