Saturday, November 19, 2011


We arrived in Krasnoyarsk this morning at around 7:30 am. For some reason our seats weren't together on the plane, I didn't like that very much, but it was a smooth flight and we landed safely. It is cold, and snowy here today and it is supposed to be colder tomorrow. Our plan was to stay awake as long as possible, BUT we started watching a movie, got all warm and cozy and well, we woke up about an hour ago! Now we have got to try and sleep some tonight so that we can be refreshed and rested when we visit Anastasia. Our facilitator told us that families don't normally get to visit the orphanage on weekends, but the judge wanted us to go as much as we could before court since Anastasia is considered an "older" child. We will be leaving here around 9 am Kras time, so for you all, that is 8:00 pm in America. I will upload pics and videos as soon as we return! Please pray for Anastasia, prepare her heart and mind for all of the upcoming changes. I cannot imagine when she must be feeling or the emotions she is going to have to deal with. Pray for bonding between us and for lots of eye contact....small things but HUGE when you are adopting a child! On a side note.....I WILL be listening to the Clemson game in a bit.........I know, I am obsessed! From Russia, GOOOOOO TIGERS!

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