Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Court Day=We are a family of 6!

We began our court session at approxiamatley 11:40 am here in Krasnoyarsk. We were nervous but the judge was extremely nice and made us feel comfortable..WHEW! We had been told that the court session could last from 1.5-3 hours depending on the information presented and how thorough the answers we gave were. After 1.5 hours, our session began to wind down, the judge was happy, the MOE was happy, and the orphanage director was happy.....the only person in the room to object was the prosecutor. It sounds bad, but it really wasn't, LET ME EXPLAIN!!!
1. Nastya is 3, which makes her an older child
2. Nastya had been removed from the home and placed in a hospital 3 different times and it took her while to get adjusted
3. A foster family decided to adopt her, took her to their home on a friday and the next monday they returned her because she was crying!

So, the prosecutor wanted Nastya to be evaluated by a psychiatrist to confirm that she would be able to transition properly in home. The judge called a recess until 4:30 pm. Curt and I left, disappointed and worried, we had pictured leaving the courtroom in a different mood. We got lunch and then headed back to the court house to wait. Well, we waited and waited and waited and waited and then FINALLY at 5:30 pm, we were called back to the courtroom. We were informed of the final analysis of Nastya and then the judge read the instructions on how to help her transition. We left the room for all of 2 seconds...literally (oh and Curt accidentally hit the light switch on the way out and the judge laughed at him...she was really nice to us!) and then we returned. The judge told us congrats, you are now parents for a 4th time. YAY, praise the Lord! All of this waiting is finally over and Nastya is ours! We do have a waiting period of 10 days but we will not just be relaxing, we will be spending much needed time connecting with our new daughter, she is ours! Thank you so much for your prayers. I could feel them and I knew you were praying!!

May we present to you Anastasia Elizabeth Hanna
Her first name means resurrection. Since all of our biological children have a family name, we felt it very appropriate to do the same for Nastya. Her middle name is Elizabeth after her aunts Meg and April.


  1. So I'm on the Gene Machine reading this and I literally just cried bc I'm so happy and can't believe I have such amazing friends and such an amaZing God! Kristy

  2. So happy for you, glory to God!