Monday, November 21, 2011

Orphanage visit

Being silly!

Nastya and papa

Nastya and mama

Sweet face

Nastya was a hoot today and she was full of attitude. She seemed tired when she came to us probably because she had just gotten up from her afternoon nap. We played for quite a while and then her caretaker came in to get her to take her to dinner. She had been playing with the chapstick we bought her and the purse Nanny Mott got her, she loves it! Anyway, she goes to leave and I slowely take the purse off of her because I know that if she takes it back to her room, she won't bring it back tomorrow, that's just the way it goes. Well, Nastya laid in the floor and cried. It was funny to us, but then my heart began to hurt. The caretaker proceeded to tell us about Nastya and the doll we brought her on her first trip. It seems that Nastya begs for the doll each night to sleep with and cries when she can't get it. Nothing in that orphanage belongs to those children and Nastya completley understands that, she is a very smart girl! So, while I know as a parent I probably shouldn't have let her pitch a fit and get her way...yadda yadda yadda....she is an orphan, she has I let her take the purse and her chapstick with her. It seems that our parenting skills will be tested and we will have to bend and go with the flow as Nastya transitions. She is a precious gift from God who has learned the hard way how to stand up for herself! I am proud of this angel, she is going to be one amazing young lady!!!

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  1. Tell that sweet girl that she has a family that is ready to buy her anything she wants! She deserves a little spoiling! Just let her pitch her fit!