Sunday, November 20, 2011


We found out an interesting fact yesterday while we were at the orphanage and then had more confirmation later as we listen to Garrett's mom speak at Oasis Church. While we were visiting Nastya we were trying to get her to smile for the camera. We of course had no clue what to say so we asked our facilitator Yelena to tell us the Russian word for smile. She laughed and then said, "there is no Russian word for smile, we don't say that". I was a little bit shocked but then again, that sort of makes sense. How though, can you never tell a child to smile, or sing about smiling? I was wondering if this was a word that is sometimes lost in translation, who knows! Then, while we were facetiming into our church service (amazing by the way) we heard Garrett's mother speaking about her mission trips each year to the Ukraine. She began talking about the history of the country and about how everything had been taken from them by the government. She continued to emphasize over and over how these people had no hope and had nothing to live for. Their perspective on life is so grim and overshadowed that they have no reason to smile. Now as for not having a word for "smile" I am still not convinced, BUT I do know that there are hurting people in this world who have nothing to their name, they are starving, cold, lonely, aching, sad and dying.....they don't want to smile. I am overjoyed to be able to know the truth about a Savior whom I can cast all my cares upon....I have a reason to smile. Nastya now has a reason to smile, she has a hope AND a future in a family, despite all of our imperfections, that will love and adore her and teach her about Jesus and His unfailing love for us. So today, when you are feeling sad, tired and overwhelmed, remember to smile! Curt said yesterday, "you know, maybe we should all be more like Luke. He skips everywhere he goes, he's jubilant despite any circumstances!" And he is right, rejoice today and be thankful for all the amazing things God has done!

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  1. We certainly can't stop smiling when thinking of sweet Anna Beth. In no time at all, she will be smiling and laughing right beside the other crazy Powell grands. God has blessed us so much and given us so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. I personally can't help but smile.