Thursday, November 3, 2011

12 Days

We are on countdown mode around here. Yep, we are officially only 12 days away from Russia, 16 days from seeing our sweet girl and 17 days from our court date. Our official GOTCHA DAY is Dec. 3. Why so far away you may ask?, there is a 10 day waiting period between our court date and the actual day where A comes to stay with us. Some areas waive this, but we have been told that Kras does not. We will still get to visit the orphanage almost every day and this will be a crucial time of bonding for all 3 of us! So, what have we been doing around here this week? My first goal was to get SANTA'S list taken care of and I thought I succeeded, that was until my boys decided to make their Christmas list. Brooks' list was very much what I had in mind, so we are good there. Luke, on the other hand, is a completely different child asking for dirt bikes, a puppy, a bird and another animal, I am unsure whether it was a goat or a pig. Either way, someone is going to be VERY disappointed on Christmas morning!!! We've been slowly packing and buying food to have in the apartment in Kras. I am not looking forward to the food situation in Kras.....I am counting on a very nice American meal before we board the airplane! Tomorrow the school is hosting a sunshine table in honor of our new daughter. I am sure that little A will get lots of cute things from all of my teacher friends! Our link chain is getting shorter, I pass it nearly 30 times a day and each day it doesn't seem to budge.....I am desperate to hold her again! I told Curt the other evening that it was going to take all the strength I have not to run and grab "A" up in a big bear hug when I see her again. I don't want to scare her to death, but my arms, our arms, our hearts, we ache for her.

This Sunday is orphan Sunday and I am so excited about our service. Please visit this site for more info on how to incorporate the topic of adoption and orphan care into your church service!

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