Monday, November 21, 2011

Court Day

We have our court hearing today, we are 2nd at 11:30 am. The friends we met in the airport in Moscow are going at 9:30, this is their 2nd adoption, so it should be a breeze for them. We stayed up late last night jotting down notes and getting all of our answers perfect. Poor Curt has been up since 3 am because he is nervous. I woke up at 5 for the same reason. Please pray for us, that our nerves would be calm, our minds clear, our ears open and our answers to be without stumbling or fault. I get very nervous when I have to speak to anyone over the age of 10, so speaking to a judge is going to be tourture. So, if you are awake at 10:30 pm in the US, please send up a prayer! The hearing normally takes about 2 hours, so I will post the details after midnight! Love you all!

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